Weathered Gray Night Stand

Meet the subject.

This night stand has been passed down in my family for a few generations. It has a matching dresser that is currently being used by my teenage brother.  It smells sufficiently like old people mixed with rotting books. The wood has been damaged in the process of living in a house that has 7 people.


But what someone sees as sad and broken, I see the chance to bring new character to this neglected piece. As a recent graduate of college that has piles of debt up to her eyeballs, I look for any chance to take unused furniture and give new purpose. By utilizing old furniture I save a few bucks on furnishing my theoretical apartment and preventing any more dust collection in my parents basement.

Its a win, win.

Sanding down the varnish.

I had to buy 180 grit sand paper for our sander. This varnish was on there pretty thick and could not be done by hand.

Grey Weathered Stain

I wanted to use a different kind of stain. Ideally grey stain looks better on pine wood because it emphasizes the distinct patterns of the wood.

I used Minwax 271 Classic Grey Stain from Home Depot.

It took 2 thick coats to get a fairly even coat. The whole point is to let the original wood grain high light through.


I used a rag t-shirt to wipe off any excess stain, I didn’t want it to puddle on the wood and create dark spots.  Patience is key!

I waited at least 12 hours before reapplying the second coat.

I choose a black matte spray color for my metal knobs.


To protect the wood and stain I used a Matte spray finish. I wanted my final result to look natural and rustic. If I would have used a clear glossy varnish I think that would have taken away from the look I was going for.

Before vs After


The final result! It took almost a week from start to finish. There is a lot of drying time and pieces to this that require patience. The drawers can be painstakingly long to sand and stain due to each having 3 panels each that I have to sand and stain.

I put about $25 dollars into this project due to the stain, sanding materials, spray paint, and clear coat.

But I’m super happy with the end result!

Tackling the matching dresser is going to be a big challenge.


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