Salvaged Window Map

This was an exciting and easy to do project!

I had saved a couple of window frames from a house demo last year and didn’t know what to use them for. I discovered a great resource for map materials – The Library of Congress!

Here I found old maps of my home state and even the county I grew up in.


I downloaded the high quality image and reformatted the map (using InDesign) to fit appropriately and added a neutral .25″ bleed.

To have the map printed it cost me a total of $40.00. Because it was a very large image and a unique size due to the size of the window frame (21″x 25″). I also wanted it printed on special quality paper to maintain the matte look to have it appear more antique.



You can achieve similar looks with┬áinexpensive maps and smaller window frames. ┬áI’ve done such with the state maps you get at the welcome centers at the borders of each state.

I trimmed off the excess paper using an X-Acto knife then added a black foam core to support and keep the map inside the frame. The last step for me will be to buy some durable hooks to fasten to the window frame (its quite heavy) for hanging and tape/fastens to keep the foam core pushed against the map.



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